Wood Stoves
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Wood Stoves

Antique Wood StovesFrom the dawn of time, men have struggled to keep warm. Fire is still heralded as one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, and people still try to guess and create scenarios for how the first flames came to be. Lightning striking a tree? Tinder and dry leaves? Something else entirely? But one thing we do know is that we still can’t live without fire, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to that first, brave caveman who managed to set the whole course of human development on the right track. Now, millions of years later, we’re still using fire to keep our houses warm and even secure.

The best way to warm your house with fire is to use wood stoves. Most people have the image of the pot bellied stove when they think of wood stoves, but that can’t be further from the reality of stoves in the twenty-first century! Modern wood stoves are much cleaner, have very little smoke, have very little ash output, take up very little space, and if you use them correctly, are all around very safe. So it makes a lot of sense to return to your roots when you begin to think about heating your home. It’ll save you money in the long run, it’ll keep your house warmer, it’ll provide you with a great conversation piece, and it will give you a link to our earlier ancestors. If you really feel like getting 10,000,000 BC in your home, you could even find cooking wood stoves! These stoves are used for cooking with only the power and heat of fire.

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