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Wood Stove Accessories

Wood Stove AccessoriesThere are many different wood stove accessories to choose from when you are searching for the right accessories for the wood stove in your home. The first type of accessory is the stove pipe sham. Stove pipe shams come in many different designs and sizes, but they all have the same purpose. They all exist to make your wood stove stovepipe better looking and less like a big ugly pipe cutting through your house. Stovepipe shams add a bit of flair, a bit of creativity, a bit of class, and a bit of fun to your wood stove. Other wood stove accessories include fans. Fans are important because they spread the heat in your home.

Wood stoves work best for area specific heating, but if you want the stove to heat your entire house, you are going to have to use fans. There are different kinds of fans and different sizes, but ultimately, they all have the same purpose of spreading heat throughout the home. Other wood stove accessories are hearth pad kits. Hearth pads are important because you should never let your wood stove sit on the combustible floor. These kits are made of fire proof and safe substances, and gives the stoves something safe to sit on in your home. Another accessory is a draft inducer. A draft inducer is important because that’s how you can control the size and heat of your fire, since the fire needs oxygen to live.

If you want to encourage more flames, you allow more air to enter the fire chamber. If you want the fire to die, you choke the fire by shutting off the draft.

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