Wood Stoves
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Wood Cook Stoves

Wood Cook StovesBefore electricity and gas, people used wood cook stoves to do all their cooking. These were usually rather larger with a place for the fire, a place to keep hot coals, dampers, and other compartments, with an oven area, and a stove top. These giant stoves didn’t just provide a cooking area, but also would generate a great deal of heat for the house. This means that the kitchen was often the warmest room in a house with many rooms, or that a wood cook stove could be used as both a cooking stove and as a heater.

In modern times, wood cook stoves are generally used outside during the summer. Most people do not have these sorts of stoves in their homes, although they are becoming more popular, especially antique wood cook stoves. Antique stoves are popular because they are interesting conversation pieces, functional, effective, and provide a certain thing to any home where they’re placed. There are actually places that will buy, refurbish, redo and sell antique stoves. Other places will simply refurbish the wood stoves for a fee. You can find them easily on the Internet. If you already own a cook stove, because you have inherited it or purchased it, you can probably use it. These stoves were built to last for a very long time and if they’re properly cared and used, they will continue to last.

Wood cook stoves are not difficult to use, though they can be dangerous. There is a fire hazard associated with them. If you have children or pets, you might want to continue not using one, or at least engaging in certain safety acts to keep small children and pets safe from the fire, as well as your home.

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