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Outdoor Wood Stoves

Outdoor Wood StovesWood burning stoves are generally used in two different senses. Sometimes when people say wood burning stoves they mean the sort of stoves that hook up to a stove pipe and provide heat, like the Franklin stove. Other wood burning stoves still provide heat, but their primary function is to cook food. When it comes to outdoor wood stoves, the item can do one, the other, or both. Most outdoor wood stoves are placed in gardens, on patios, or porches and are used to keep warm. Others are used as make-shift kitchens—not quite barbecues, although in many ways, they’re the same ideas as the giant barbecues people install in their yards that come complete with fridge and sink. The reason people install those is that they want a comfortable place to cook with friends and family during the worst heat of summer. Outdoor wood stoves can provide that sort of convenience. Alternately, people who enjoy spending time outside in cooler weather or after dark might enjoy having a wood burning stove to huddle around as they enjoy the night sky.

You should always keep your outdoor wood stoves clean after you use it, and you should find the type that is weatherproof and can stand up to all sorts of harsh weather and elements without breaking, cracking or otherwise having a problem. Especially since you will probably store these outdoor wood stoves outside year around. But proper cleaning, maintenance, and covering will keep your wood stoves lasting for years to come in your garden, yard, porch, or patio.

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Clean and properly care for your outdoor wood stoves to keep them lasting for a long time.

Wood Stoves
Outdoor wood stoves can provide warmth, comfort, or an alternative way to cook on a summer night.

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