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Antique Wood Stoves

Antique Wood StovesSome old houses use antique wood stoves as their main source of heat. Some new houses use them, too. That’s because antique wood stoves are classic and beautiful and though they might be old, they are still quite effective and keeping a house warm. Though if you have one, plan to use one, plan to buy one, are thinking about buying one, know somebody who has one, or are just curious about them, there might be some things that you need to know.

First, you should have them inspected for safety, including the pipe or chimney. An unsafe antique wood stove could create a very serious fire hazard. Second, be aware that unlike modern wood stoves, they are messy. They generate a lot of ash and a lot of smoke, and that might not be desirable for everybody. Third, they are very large and very heavy, so they might not be able to move around easily. If you plan to transport one and install it at another site, you should probably think long and hard about the logistics of moving it. They are also expensive. Antique everything tends to be expensive, but antique wood stoves also have the demand for more driving them up in price. You can still find deals and bargains at various locations, but chances are that you are going to spend more for an older wood stove than you are for a brand new, EPA certified one. So that’s what there is to know about antique wood stoves and you.

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